420,985 people have registered to vote in Cornwall for the General Election

When you walk into the Polling Station on May 7th to cast your vote, or have already submitted your vote via the postal vote, have you ever wondered the function behind the election?

Let’s start with the Returning Officer. For a Parliamentary Election in a county constituency, such as Cornwall, the Returning Officer is the High Sherriff.  The High Sherriff can carry out two duties if they wish. To take receipt of the Parliamentary Writ upon delivery by Royal Mail and to declare the result of the election.  All other duties are performed by the Acting Returning Officer who is the Returning Officer for the local authority.

In Cornwall the Acting Returning Officer is Andrew Kerr, the Council’s Chief Executive.  The High Sheriff is Anthony Fortescue.  Andrew Kerr will declare the three constituency results at Carn Brea.  Mr Fortescue will declare the South East Cornwall Constituency result and may possibly declare the North Cornwall & St Austell & Newquay result.

420, 985 people have registered to vote in Cornwall.  Cornwall Council has received 74, 016 applications for postal votes.

The breakdown for the individual constituencies is:

  • St Ives – Electorate: 65,570 ; Postal Votes: 13793 (21% of votes)
  • Camborne and Redruth – Electorate: 66,944;  Postal Votes: 11494 (17.17% of votes)
  • Truro and Falmouth – Electorate: 73,601 ; Postal Votes: 11062 (15.03% of votes)
  • South East Cornwall – Electorate: 71,071;  Postal Votes: 13907 (19.57% of votes)
  • North Cornwall – Electorate: 67,192 ; Postal Votes: 11787 (17.54% of votes)
  • St Austell and Newquay – Electorate: 76,607;  Postal Votes:  11973 (15.63% of votes)

There are 455 polling stations in Cornwall, with one ballot box per constituency.  The Council has recruited around 1,200 Presiding Officers and Polling Clerks to run these 455 polling stations in Cornwall. In addition to this, the Electoral Service recruited around 750 Count Assistants and 20 Postal Voting Assistants.

Pretty impressive eh?


  • Cornwallbear

    Tory won the seat and many others in the country,a lesson not just for MP’s in the election but also to Cwll.Cllrs who will face re-election in two years from now. Take heed!!

  • Gill Zella Martin

    Personally, I would hope that Councillor Andrew Wallis has nothing to worry about regards re-election. He is one of the most hard working dedicated councillors there is, and has acheived so much over the years. I wish he was my local councillor, it is frustrating at times to see what a councillor can acheive in an area compared with some other areas, I think his input in the areas he covers is amazing. Cornwall Council would do well in some other areas to clone him. I also believe politics should have no place in local councils.

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