365 days of Porthleven in Pictures

If anyone got to see the 365 days of Helston in pictures that was recently exhibited at Helston Museum, you would have seen a fantastic display that captures Helston throughout the years, and not just key days like Flora Day. 

Talking to a local resident  – Rita Collier – about the Helston exhibition,  she said to me it would be great if Porthleven could do the same. I agreed.  From this I put it to the Town Council to see if they would support. The good news is the members of the Town Council thought it a good idea too. 

From this, a little working group has been formed to help make this a reality. So far it is just me and Sally-Anne Martyn, and Rita, but we are looking for a few more to help make this a reality. 

The plan is to start collecting images of Porthleven, but not just of the often snapped harbour, but the whole of the parish boundary. It is not just scenic pictures either, but of people (with their permission), events, and day to day life. Simple rule is it has to be contained within the Parish Boundary 

Which as you can see from the picture below, is a large geographical area.

The plan is to have two to four images of each day – though this is not set in stone. Once all the images have been collected, it will be publicaly exhibited.

If you want to be involved in putting this exhibit together, including picking the pictures, drop me a FB message and/or an email to awallis@cornwall.gov.uk 

For those who wish to submit pictures, I will supply another email for where the images can be sent.  So don’t send me any just yet! 

Thank you 365 Helston and those who organised it for the great idea! 


  • Peter Reynolds

    That would be great! However, as Jude Carroll (who was the driving force behind Helston 365) will tell you, it’s a big job. At first there’s lots of enthusiasm but you have to keep a diary of who has promised to take a picture on what day,and a good deal of nagging is involved! I’ll forward your email to her – I know she’ll be pleased.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Thanks Peter,

    Huge job and Jude spoke to me about it in be early stages. Hence why a small band of dedicated helpers is key.

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