£20k for One Days Work?

It does make you wonder what is going on at Cornwall Council with the latest ‘good idea’. This so called good idea is to hire a new member of staff to coordinate the Olympic Torch travelling though Cornwall for one day.

You would think the Council could find someone currently employed within the organisation to carry out this work. Does it really require the council to hire someone for six months (Oct 2011 till May 2012) on £20k to organise the route which covers 84 miles?

From the details provided if the person employed for this was hired for a full year we would be paying them £40k. It is also not clear if there are any additional payments like travel, relocation, or accommodation would be paid.

I am sure there will be some very miffed staff at Cornwall Council once they find out about this. This position is advertised via Cornwall Development Company (CDC) website. CDC is a wholly owned by Cornwall Council.

UPDATE: CDC have sent out a press statement clarifying the position and actual salary of the torch coordinator. The actual wage that will be paid to the successful applicant will be £13,126.  Maybe the next time an advert is placed it gives out the correct information, or adds the words Pro-Rata next to the salary. I would hate to be the applicant who applies, only to find out near £20k turns out to be £13k.


  • janemac

    where do i sign up for that little number?
    is this what our taxes are being spent on? if so, thats obscene. i understand a fair wage for fair work, but that doesnt fall in that category.

    who at county agreed that pay grade? i'd love to be a fly on the wall when those who are under threat of reduced hours or redundancy get wind of it

  • Gill Martin

    Could they not have utilized the Helston Town Manager, he is supposed to be good at logisitcs.

  • Anonymous

    bet whoever gets that post won't have trouble paying their council tax!

  • Gill Martin

    (Should have read 'logistics') – They will probably employ someone that does not even know the 84 mile route, and consequently get lost and take the six months to get back.

  • Gill Martin

    I would have applied for the job but they are only offering £19,689 and I wanted £19,690.

  • Gill Martin

    Checked out the CDC website for the job. It mentions, Project Officer – Torch – Tourism – You, will bring to this role etc. So why don't they just call it POTTY for short.

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