18 out of 25 parking tickets issued in Helston during a funeral are cancelled

parkingticketIn a previous blog, I wrote about the PR disaster Cornwall Council faced on the issuing of parking tickets in Helston when a funeral was well attended. I am pleased to say in a spot of good news, eighteen of the twenty-five parking tickets issued have been cancelled.

Out of the remaining seven tickets, two were paid without an appeal, and five have not been cancelled because they were parked in a dangerous and obstructive manner. However, those five people can still appeal to the independent traffic adjudicator.

I must say this is good news for those who have had their tickets cancelled, and thanks should go to the appeal’s team who looked at the evidence and acted accordingly. It would have been great if all were cancelled, but this is still good news.


  • Gilly Zella Martin

    This is good news for those concerned. It does however, in my opinion, make the statement released by Councillor Bert Biscoe appear contradictory, and inaccurate.

  • Mary Kemp

    Not good news for those who have still to pay the fine. I wonder how this decision has been reached. One of those ticketed, a local man, was one of the 5 left having to pay the fine. He was driving a van, not sign written, but probably perceived as someone working elsewhere and not attending the funeral. He was a friend and colleague of the deceased. It he whole sorry saga is shameful.

  • Michaela

    Too bad, you break the rules you get the fine. I don’t think they should have revoked any of them, or else why issue them in the first place. There’s the fairground car park that’s never full up in Helston.

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