1100 Petition signatures in three days

The Petition to stop Cornwall Council’s Cabinet privatising many of the core  council services has reached a landmark place. In just three days, the Petition to stop the ‘Strategic Partnership for Support Services’ has 1100 (and counting) signatures. This is amazing, and I would like to thank everyone who has signed and helped promote this Petition.

The next landmark place is 5000, as that is the number for the full council to debate the issue again, but with the backing of the people of Cornwall. However, to make a real impact I really want as many signatures as possible. Hopefully 10’s of thousands. As that will those supporters against this privatisation the ammunition to stop the Cabinet selling council services to the highest bidder.

The Petition is HERE, please sign, or if you can help out, I can send you a paper version of the Petition


(Note: If you are CC staff and want to sign, just put in a suitable name in the nickname box as then your name can’t be seen)


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